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Preventing animal abuse
Helping NGOs and law enforcement investigate animal abuse
The link between animal crimes and more traditional criminality is understood but rarely professionally managed.
Using law enforcement skills we change that approach; through investigations, training and consultancy work. 
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    We train police, NGOs and others on the links between animal and human abuse, and on organised crime with serious animal crimes. Our current project is based in Kyiv, Ukraine.
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    Professional investigations support campaigns and assist prosecutions. We have many years' experience in getting results. Examples include the wildlife trade and dog fighting.
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    Whether you are an NGO that wants to prevent animal abuse or law enforcement that understands the red flags that animal abusers present, we can offer support, based on experience.
Our recent project in Ukraine has trained police officers and others on the link between animal and human violence 
Since 2014
 In the last 4 years we have worked on 70+ projects, wth at least 15 organisations, 11 media outlets and across 6 countries. 

Preventing and investigating crimes against animals